Why we need Part Time Motor Trade Insurance

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A cheap part time motor trade insurance policy might be organized for either a part time business proprietor or a part time worker who works in the motor trade industry. It does not matter if that individual works for just a couple of days a week otherwise on a weekend to offer themselves with some added income.

The need of part time insurance

Though a part time motor trader is often overlooked by many insurers while it comes to organizing Part Time Motor Trade Insurance since they are perceived to be a larger risk than a full time motor trader. This is since, as they are not doing the work as often as a full time motor trader, they might become a little rusty as well as careless. With cheap part time motor trade insurance, some insurers have an optional extra that permits you to comprise Additional Business Use (ABU) to cover you whereas undertaking another job say as a builder or electrician.

InsuranceYou will need proof

Some insurance firms and brokers now insist that you requisite to prove that you are operating as a part-time. Otherwise even a full-time motor trader since it is not unheard of to find that some associates of the public have taken out motor trade insurance.  Somewhat than a conventional motor insurance policy to cover their personal car and have no connection whatever with the motor trade.

Proving you are a Motor Trader

So, how do you verify that you are functioning as a motor trader? If you sell cars then copies of invoices connecting to the buying or sale of cars, if you are a mechanic maybe copies of receipts for car parts plus if you valet cars then receipts for say cloths plus shampoo. Insurance companies are not unidentified to make spot checks. As far as finding quotes for this kind of insurance, there are a variety of options open to you, for example, contacting your existing agent, contacting the insurance firms yourself to ask if they offer Part Time Motor Trade Insurance or via the internet

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August 24, 2018