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Full Games PC is a unique website which ensures that the video game enthusiasts are able to download new and exciting video games without paying a single penny. It is a place where you can download any video game of any genre like adventure, strategy, racing, arcade, puzzle, and various other for free.

The website also makes sure that you can download video games as soon as they launch in the market so that you can get your hands on the brand new video games before anyone else. You can download Games for Free by visiting the website https://www.fullgamepc.com/ and searching for the genre in which you are interested and then look in the catalogue the game you want to download and play.

Full Game

Some of the games which are available for you to download for free and play are:

  1. Metro Exodus: Metro Exodus is an upcoming video game.Set in 2036, Metro Exodus is filled with the elements of survival horror and stealth. It shows the former Russian federation after the apocalypse that occurred due to a nuclear war 23 years ago. The player must cope up with new dangers and extremes and should prepare himself to fight with mutated creatures as well as fierce and hostile humans.The 23 years old Artyom is the protagonist here who must survive and fight to save the mankind. He will travel Volga river and Ural mountains and will get in a metro heading towards Moscow.. The weapons available to the protagonist are handmade weaponry which can be later developed and customized. The story so far has been that the world was devastated and only a handful of survivors have left who took refuge in the undergrounds of Moscow.
  2. Control: the genre of this game is third person shooter and the protagonist of the game is woman warrior who is fighting against the evil supernatural powers and abilities. The protagonist has exceptional skills and abilities and is endowed with telekinetic pistol and it not only helps in shooting the enemies but also helps in throwing objects at them. Created by Remedy Studios,this video game has an exciting and an engaging gameplay with cool elements of science fiction. The aim of the protagonist is to solve the mysteries of her past and for that she visits New York and upon her arrival, the oldest house gets attacked by characters of the other world. She has to bring back the lost peace and kill all the enemies.

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September 1, 2018