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Clothing Hacks: Organize Your Clothing In Your Little Cabinet Space

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We all want an organized set of clothes piled up in a good cabinet. If it is possible, we even want more! What about a walk-in closet? But – there are limitations since not everyone can afford to build a walk-in closet for their favorite pieces. If you are one of those individuals blessed with little cabinet space for your clothes, then keep on reading as we provide you with hacks and tips!

General Tips

  • You may use all the space but keep it organized.,
  • Keep away all your out-of-season clothes such as winter or summer clothes.
  • Out of sight out of mind – so make sure that you see your clothes as you will more often have something to wear if you can see it.
  • Have a space for quick-n-dirty cleanup, keep 1-2 hooks empty.
  • Don’t keep the backs of deep shelves and high-up places out of your mind.

Tips when hanging clothes

  • Try to install a second closet rod above your main cabinet rod as this will double your hanging space in an instant. You may opt to buy a stool or a reaching rod for access.
  • Invest in matching hangers as these will make everything look so nice.
  • Use two at a time of cascading hooks since they will work with almost any hanger and make anything else bloody genius!
  • You may want to get a tiered hanger for skirts and they will last you for years!

Storage cabinet hong kongTips for folded clothes

  • Have all your knit items folded to prevent hanger bumps.
  • Fold your clothes in an appropriate way when you have deep shelves. You may keep your out-of-season clothes behind your folded clothes if you still have space at the back.
  • If you’re using a dresser or other drawers, stack them (your clothes) in a vertical position rather than horizontal. You may even fold your underwear to save space, but still, weigh your options!
  • When you have open shelving, make sure not to stack your clothes so high that they tumble.
  • Don’t worry about using extra shelving in existing shelves – feel free!

Tips for organizing shoes and boots

  • Hanging space can be so valuable so you may opt to use an over-the-door shoe organizer.
  • You may buy small cheap bookshelves as they are also great for boots, although you may keep your original shoe boxes – it will only consume you a lot of space.

Although these tips are not everything, these are still life-savers! You may also opt to upgrade your cabinet size so you will no longer worry about how to keep your clothes organized and nice. Storage cabinet hong kong offers a variety of sizes for cabinets and you might find your cabinet needs from them.

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July 6, 2019