Tips for GTA Players

Simple but Effective Tips for GTA Players

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Mobile games are now part of people’s lives – young and old. In the past, it is regarded as addicting and a form of diversion. However, in this modern age, it is considered beneficial. According to recent games news, mobile gaming has numerous benefits. Some of its benefits include the following:

  • It improves coordination: when you play a mobile game, you do not only stare at the computer inactively. The actions on the screen provide you with a lot of mental stimulation allowing you to coordinate physical movement.
  • It enhances problem-solving skills: since mobile games entail certain rules, it means that you should carefully think before making any move to ensure that you stay within the required rules.
  • It enhances memory: playing entails reading or listening to instructions, which are provided at the start of the game. To succeed, you need to remember things throughout the game. This can enhance your memory.
  • It improves social skills: more importantly, mobile games improve social skills. In the end, you get to play with your friends or new people, which can be the start of a meaningful or casual relationship.

Without a doubt, mobile games can help in so many ways – as long as you play with discretion. There are many types of mobile games from action-adventure games to sports games, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), Role-playing video games and many more.

If you are into action-adventure games, it is time that you consider GTA (Grand Theft Auto). Most games in the GTA series are modeled on fictional cities like Liberty City and San Andreas. Essentially GTA gives the players options when it comes to mission.

You must know that the GTA series is divided into different fictional universes. The latest game in the series is GTA V, which is a large and complex game with tons of things you can do. If you want to thrive in this game, here are some gta tricks:

Get physical copy

There are applications for players. This means that you can download the game but if you are aiming for a big fold-out, two-sided map, you need a boxed or physical copy. If you have a big map to peruse, you will figure out the locations shot in overhead.

Be mindful of who is nearby while playing

At the onset, the players must be aware that GTA involves a lot of violence. With this, you need to be mindful of who is nearby while playing the game.


Play the missions however you like

There are no wrong steps in GTA V but with the right tips for players, you can choose the right missions. With this, you can easily replay it and try a different approach. Remember that nothing will be locked off from you and as soon as you finish the main campaign, you can go back into the world and do any quests or play mini-games.

Switch characters

To keep things fresh, you should switch characters. The good news is that switchings are swift. You will feel the need to change because most of the major missions can only be triggered by one of the lead characters.

Keep an eye for blue dots

You should keep an eye for opportunities that pop up on your map and mini-map. You need to particularly keep an eye for blue dot missions in the world. These refer to smaller missions but have scripted lines of speech and entertaining storylines.

Listen for stock tips

In GTA, you can make a lot of money from different crime missions. Every character also maintains a separate bank account, which they can use to buy guns, property, and vehicles. You can also buy and sell a stock. This may sound boring but it is a must.

Make plenty of money

If you want to receive a certain amount of in-game cash, you can exploit “shipwreck packages”. These are scattered around the map and are located underwater off the coast. As soon as you find one, you can earn as much money as you want – as long as you do not leave the area or switch your characters.

If you feel lazy, there is a site for players with cheats that can spawn vehicles to quickly lower your wanted level. However, you have to understand that there is no cheat entry screen in GTA V, unlike other games. To enter the code, you should enter the command where you stand. There are also all weapons cheat, drunk mode cheats, health and armor cheat and many more.

Final words

As a player, your ultimate goal is to find the best games that will allow you to have fun. When choosing games, keep in mind that age should be a factor. With this, it is important that you pick the right game.

June 4, 2019