Why to seek an Immigration Lawyer for Consultation?

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          An immigration lawyer is said to be an independent authority which is not connected to the US authorities of immigration. They help people with a wide range of issues related to visas, green cards, US citizenship and more. You can get help from a Utah immigration lawyer in anywhere in the US, as the law for immigration purpose is federal.

So, let us now see when can you expect a visit to your immigration lawyer and why:

When to Call an Immigration Lawyer

  • When you are not sure or uncertain about your eligibility to apply for a green card or any other immigration benefits.
  • When you want to request for any kind of discretionary relief, like waiver or asylum that may include persuading some immigration authorities in order to make an exception or to provide you with several benefits which are not generally offered to any other applicant in your position.
  • If you are facing any sort of difficulty in order to obtain a citizenship, green card or other benefits.
  • In case you need some emergency help with an immigration matter, you can contact Utah immigration lawyer.
  • In case you have deportation or removal proceedings against you, and you want an accurate and efficient solution.
  • If you have been deported from the country and wish to apply for a fresh Visa in order to return back.
  • Your immigration application is refused or denied by the immigration department
  • When you have been accused of a criminal offense or either has committed a crime and trying to enter the US or want to protect yourself from being deported for the same.
  • You can contact an immigration lawyer, when you are planning to move to the US and the employer has not assisted you with the process involved in immigration.
  • When you think that there are a number of forms and other documents included in the process of applying and it very time-consuming to deal with own case.
  • When applying visa for business or investment- related issues.

Well, these are just a few reasons on why you can choose to consult an immigration lawyer, kindly leave us with a comment in order to know more about the same.

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March 16, 2018