How to get high win rates for the overwatch placement matches.

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If you are looking for a high win in the overwatch game in the new Season 5 then you must be good at the game. The game is quite complicated and it is difficult to win the overwatch placement matches without proper expertise and information about the game. The season5 has just begun on 1st  June in 2017 and so many of the gamers might not have tried the game or know the tips and tricks of it. In such a situation if you want to win the overwatch placement matches with a high score then it is necessary to take help from the boosters. Boosters are players that are expert in gaming and guarantee high scores and winrates in the game level of your choice. If you are getting a good score in the game then you can proceed to next level of the game.

The new season of the game has got 10 placement matches and that is useful in determining the skill rating of the player. The better the performance of the player the higher is the placement on the scoreboard. The factors that determine the positioning of the players include the skill rating of the last season game, the win or lose rate in the 10 overwatch placement matches and the ingame performance in these 10 games. So if it is your dream to achieve a high position in the game then you can take help from boosters from popular websites such as You can place an order on this website after creating an account and then the booster will take care of the winrates in the game.

Rules of the use of the booster —

  • The booster will provide winrates for all the 10 placement games.
  • The purchase would be based on the previous season’s rank and the booster will make sure to keep your MMR high and for that, there can be additional charges too.
  • If you are choosing DuoQueue then the chances are 60% + win rate that is guaranteed for below 3500 SR. If you lost a game because of connection issue or trolling then the outcome will be considered as a win.
  • If you select more than 1 booster for the placement games then it does not guarantee any increase in the winrate but it increases the win amount and score.
  • The booster tries his best to win all of the games but the average results are 60%.
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March 17, 2018