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The Plot And The Fame Of My Neighbor Totoro

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Who does not love to sit and watch a very good fantasy film? Japanese are very good at making very good and classic fantasy films and so they created my Neighbor Totoro. This was released in the year 1988 and ran for about 87 minutes. This has a lot of very cool and friendly characters. This entire story is a family and friends story. It was really famous that there are still a lot of merchandise products with the characters of this movie printed and put on it.

The plot:

This story is basically about a professor and 2 of his daughters who were forced to move closer to the hospital to take care of their sick mother. The sisters have so much fun. The 2 sisters once walked into the forest and found these creatures called Totoro which were cute and were supposed to be taking care of the forest. They eventually become friends and start having fun together. The story revolves around them. The Totoro is the Japanese word for the ‘troll’. They travel into the world of magic, love and friendship. The story has a very good and happy ending. This character became very famous among Japanese children. There are a lot of such characters who are very famous among British kids but this was one of the very few cartoon characters that Japanese children had or even still have a craze about. This also came out as a book and got sold very well.

Neighbor Totoro

It is very easy to refer to the article source to find a proper source to download the movie and watch it. There are T-shirts, badges and even hoodies available with these characters printed on them. It is very easy to order what you need online. This is still being produced and this proves how much people love this movie and the characters. People describe it to be giant and furry and also very cuddly. Everybody loved this movie and this movie had a very good review. It had a very good box office collection. People still tend to love these and try downloading this or watching it online.

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March 9, 2019