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Router table: how to do it yourself

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The router table drowns the router, helps control wood dust, and adds extra security to routing. This provides a stable platform for complex shapes as well as precise edges. The router table can handle 80% of its routing. It makes practical sense to have a router table.

You can buy one through several suppliers / catalogs. You will learn more about woodworking if you do your work. Your creation will evolve over time.

Most commercial router tables have unused space below. Does it make sense to use this space for the accessories of your router?

If the answer is yes, you can create your own unique best router table. Let’s analyze some of the features you might want.

Features of my custom router plans:

best router table

  • Router bit storage for 36-48 router bits of various sizes.
  • Rise of the router for easy router setup.
  • An on / off switch is easily accessible.
  • Two boxes for keys and accessories.
  • Amble storage for your portable router and accessories.
  • Drop-down box for easy access to your fixed base router (PC 7518).
  • It has wheels to move easily.
  • As soon as dust gets into the closet.

What more can you ask for?

Router Fencing Table

What to look for in the fence of the router table:

  • stability
  • Zero deviation
  • straightforwardness
  • The ability to configure it on a board
  • Chip / dust collection
  • It easily attaches to the table and fits

Router Table

The top should be flat and stable for quality work. I prefer a high pressure laminated lid on both sides. It seems to be better than melamine or other types. It makes sense to have a clean top without a miter channel. These things weaken the top and collect only sawdust. You rarely need them. To use the miter channel, it must be square to the fence. Is it worth the trouble?

Router Table Insert Plate

There are many router cards available. Closing rings are not easy for many. I broke a pair of closing rings when I tried to remove them. From a simple point of view, they are complex. Some of these insert plates tend to produce over time. This will not give you an accurate cut.

It seems reasonable to get 3/8 “solid aluminum with inserts that are easy to replace. They remain flat and easy to replace. It is better to have an insert that fits PC guide sleeves. A pair of different size inserts Good for large bits of the Woodpecker router is one of the best qualities. sometimes you can find them for sale.

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November 1, 2019