GTA V Android And iOS Downloads

Guide For GTA V Android And iOS Downloads

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Now that Grand Theft Auto V mobile version is available, all GTA V fans cannot wait to download the GTA 5 mobile. Many are curious as to how they can have access to this most awaited mobile game using their Android or iOS devices. You are probably one of them and you should know that you have come to the right place. Let this article walk you through on how to have GTA v ios and GTA 5 for Android on your mobile phone.

GTA 5 android gameplay

What’s New With Grand Theft Auto 5 Mobile

Grand Theft Auto 5 or also known as GTA V became available for mobile just this year. In order to improve their gameplay, GTA v mobile uses GPS as well as an accelerometer. You can tilt your phone if you drive any vehicles. Here are the new things that you can find on mobile GTA 5.

  • More Vehicle Choices. With the new GTA 5 android gameplay, you will have more than 124 cars and 18 motorbikes. Other than that, there are also other vehicles to choose from.
  • New Weapons. There will also be new weapons such as multiple grenades, rocket launcher, and missiles that are added to the new GTA 5 on phone.
  • With the new android GTA 5, it will be more exciting because there are more missions to work with.
  • More Activities. Now, you can do more activities if you download GTA 5 APK. Things like yoga, hunting, jet ski, golf, scuba dive, playing tennis, and other life-like activities will look and feel more realistic.
  • More Realistic Characters. The GTA 5 download pedestrians are now different on the mobile version. People in the game look real and they can be seen walking on the road. They react as real people do. You can see them on bus stops or working on their lawns
  • Larger Maps. If you have the GTA 5 mobile download for the mobile version, you will instantly notice that it has a larger map compared to the other GTA V versions.

Download GTA V Mobile

The new Grand Theft Auto 5 is not only available in GTA 5 android but it can also be downloaded as GTA 5 ios for iPhone devices. Once you have the game on your mobile, there’s no more need for you to wait until you get home to play on your PC or Playstation. Now, you can source here the APK if you want to play anytime you want and anywhere you go. The GTA 5 APK download is about 4.2 GB which includes the APK as well as the SD data.

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July 15, 2019