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Family mediation in cases of separation and divorce

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The goal of a divorce is to dissolve a marriage and although that goal may be simple, the legal procedure to achieve the dissolution of a marriage is often complex. State laws vary in relation to the person who wants to get a divorce. Many States have adopted the provision of a divorce without fault that does not require a court to find out the spousal misconduct, adultery or abuse that has arisen. Instead, the court can grant a divorce on the basis of irreconcilable differences or by showing that the marriage relationship is no longer viable Legal mediation Johnson County KS.

What is mediation in divorce?

Mediation in divorce involves the two parties meeting with an impartial mediator, which helps them reach a settlement for divorce. A mediator will gather information from both sides, analyze it and help the parties reach fair agreements. The mediation process can take place in one or multiple sessions. Each party is represented by a family law attorney.

The benefits of divorce mediationLegal mediation Johnson County KS

  • A divorce mediation allows you to keep control of important decisions, such as the division of property, food, child support and child custody, which fundamentally affect both you and your children. A mediation agreement is not mandatory unless both parties agree to it. Unlike what happens in the courts, if you do not agree with the result of the mediation, then it is not mandatory. You still have the right to appeal to the court.
  • It is important to note that most mediation agreements are not all or nothing agreements. For example, if you reach agreements on the division of property, maintenance and child support, but not custody of the children, then most courts will accept your mediated divorce agreement in those areas and will only decide on the custody of the children.
  • Divorce mediation, typically, is less expensive than going to court because it requires less time from lawyers. The parties, especially those with children who have a continuous need for communication, can learn to negotiate one with colt and begin to build a working relationship after the divorce that will allow them to communicate effectively in relation to their children.
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May 7, 2019