The qualities of Bitcoin you should know

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Like the Internet, the existence and functioning of Bitcoin does not depend on the decision of any centralized organization but on the consensus of all those who contribute to making the network work. The rise of decentralized electronic currenciesis a phenomenon with which one must compose and decide for or against Bitcoin does not make much sense. On the other hand, one must be aware of the qualities and the limits of these systems of a new kind. Click here for 1 bitcoin.

Bitcoin is collective and participatory

Because of its free and decentralized nature, Bitcoin is the first payment network that operates only through its users and without a central authority. The project developers themselves cannot modify the protocol if their proposal is not adopted by the majority of users. Users have exclusive control of their funds. Visit this site for 1 bitcoin.


Bitcoin is designed by and for the Internet

Bitcoin is made for the Internet and will in future be able to offer concrete alternatives to several old, heavy and expensive systems. Bitcoin is not yet suitable for small transactions but it already allows for clearing transactions or international transactions for a derisory cost when the amounts are important. The Bitcoin Lightning Network could favor micro-payments and open electronic payment to markets that have been hitherto ineligible because of the cost structure. When the network is mature, we can also consider micro-payment in real life (payment by QR code with a mobile phone for example).

Bitcoin protects individual rights and freedoms

Bitcoin allows each person to store and exchange value securely over a network that cannot be captured, manipulated, or stopped by any organization or individual. Giving free access to powerful tools that can play a role in the protection of individual rights and freedoms in dictatorships in particular.

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July 30, 2019