Why Gorilla Grow Tents is one of the very best!

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Before purchasing a product, you will have to know all its features first to make sure that they are worth it. in terms of big investments, you have to look at all the possible outcome after you buy it, just like Grow Tent Experts where providing all the advantages and disadvantages is a big win on both the products and customers side.

In Gorilla Grow Tents, most of their grow tents are designed and built the same way, so if you like (or dislike) a certain feature, chances are it’ll be the same throughout their product line. Aside from the dimensions of your grow tent, the different features are what will make all of the difference in your buying decision.

 The Thickness of the Fabric

Both the standard line and the Shorty line from Gorilla feature 1680D fabric that is both threaded and highly reflective. For reference, the D stands for “denier”, which is the industry-standard unit of measurement for the density of a particular fabric. Gorilla claims that their 1680D grow tent fabric ranges from 3-9 times more dense than other grow tents on the market.

But what does this mean for you as the grower? It simply means: less light penetration, less noise pollution and more durability.

 Safety Features

Anytime you have an indoor garden and are growing hydroponically, there are safety concerns. For some, most of the concerns come from spills leading to staining, messes, or equipment failure. Gorilla tents come with a flood pool that installs at the bottom of the tent, with Velcro strips that wrap around the poles. The pool rises about 4″, so even the largest spills should be contained within the pool. Other safety features include a roof section that blocks infrared and cools down the top of your tent, meaning less temperature fluctuation from the external world.

 Easy to Clean

This isn’t a huge issue for most grow tents, but it’s a nice plus that Gorilla offers. All of their tents are resistant to most bugs and diseases. They have micro mesh pre-filters and double-lined ducting, both of which help prevent any nasty pests or mold from getting into your grow.​

Quality and Durability

The overall build quality of Gorilla tents is second to none. First, let’s talk about the frame. Every tent has strong metal poles that interlock with each other, making sure that the entire structure is extremely stable. The corner joints interlock at every single point, meaning they are rock-solid as far as stability goes. Gorilla has double-stitched sections that receive a lot of wear and tear. Ducting and electrical ports are designed in a way that shows these tents were made by indoor gardeners and not some Chinese knockoff company.

Easy Assembling compared to Other Grow Tents

This is because lower-end tents try to save on costs by making the fit SO tight that you can often rip the tent just trying to assemble it! The height of these tents also makes them hard to use, especially for me since I’m quite tall at 6′ 3″. On top of that, there are often no tool pouches or velcro straps to help hold doors, window ports, or ducts open or closed.

These key features are the best reason why Gorilla Grow Tents are being supported by many around the world. They provide excellent quality though the price is a bit high compared to other brands. You will never think twice after purchasing this baby.



July 28, 2017