Synthetic Urine Kits: Do They Still Work in 2017?

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Are you freaking out because you have to pass a urine drug test soon? You start searching the Internet for solutions to get through the urine examination, so you come across the idea of using synthetic urine. But you wonder, does fake pee still work in 2017? The good news is that even though we now live in a world filled with technological advancements, synthetic pee still works in 2017.

However, there’s a catch to using fake urine – you have to use the right ones. You need to be careful as not all synthetic urine products out there are the same.

 Using Fake Piss during drug tests and synthetic urine kits.

To make sure that you pass a urine drug examination, you have to read the instructions first on how to use fake piss. Otherwise, if you just hand the synthetic urine without proper preparation, then you’re just stepping up the plate for failure. Start by preparing the temperature of the sample by placing it inside a microwave for approximately 10 seconds. Once it’s at the right temperature, place the sample in the heating pad so it maintains consistent temperature levels. Also, don’t waste any time in giving the sample to lab technicians because you might risk compromising the fake urine.

Are there any risks involved when using synthetic urine kits?

 Perhaps the most common risk associated with using synthetic urine in 2017 is getting caught. Many individuals are still afraid to use fake piss kits in these modern times because they’re afraid of being caught red handed. The idea here is to never purchase any random synthetic pee kit you see on the Internet. The market is littered with low-quality artificial urine, so it’s best not to let panic take over every fiber of your being so you can have peace of mind when you give the sample to lab technicians.

How long can you trust fake urine for drug tests?

 The average shelf life of a high-quality synthetic urine is about two years. However, the shelf life depends on which fake pee brand you choose. Read the label first and any other vital piece of information before proceeding with the purchase. Some synthetic piss kits might have a shelf life of only one year.

Scouring the World Wide Web for the best synthetic urine kits for 2017 might be a troublesome task. You might want to check out to get you started in learning more about passing a urine drug examination.

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July 28, 2017