Suggestions to take care of newborn

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Newborn babies know nothing about life. The same situation occurs for the new parent. They have no suggestion regarding taking care of baby, feeding, bathing and changing. Doctors and nurses at the hospital can help you in this circumstance. They can guide you about how to hold a baby, to feed, to carry and to maintain hygiene. supports new parent regarding these nursing activities.

After birth help:

                All inexperienced parent feel nervous during this after-birth span. It appears as hectic to them. You have to talk to the expert while in the hospital. Some hospitals provide feeding expert who can help you about feeding and nurse the baby.

                Nurses are grand resources to teach you how to handle a baby, feed, change and taking care. A nurse can be appointed at home to help a new mom for a specific period. Local health agencies also can be helpful at this time.

                Experienced friends and relatives can help a new parent or they can give useful advice.


                Food is the basic need of an infant. Babies cannot talk so they ask for food by gestures. Sometimes they cry out or pointing a finger towards the mouth. A baby requires food at each 2-3 hours of interval. Normally it is advised that babies should be fed on demand. You can breastfeed your baby or give formula food too.

                If you are breastfeeding consider 30 minutes on the total process. But it is difficult a little bit to monitor the quantity intake. If you feel your breasts become less full after feeding then it is considered that baby has got sufficient food.

                In the case of formula feeding, a baby generally takes about 60-90 milliliters (2-3 ounces) at each feeding. It is easy to track if the baby has been provided enough food.

                If you see your baby is gaining weight regularly and physically fit, no need to worry about feeding.


        If your baby has a tendency of gas and becomes fussy during feeding try burping. It should be performed in every 5 minutes during feeding. You can take references from regarding this.

  • Hold your little one straight with head on your shoulder gently pat on the back.
  • Sit your baby on the lap. Give support at the back and hold baby’s chin with one hand. Gently pat on his or her back with the other hand.
  • Lay a baby face-down on the lap. Raise the head of your baby from his/her chest, give support with one hand. Gently rub or pat on the back.

Precisely, it is advised to the new parents, handle gently your baby and maintain hygiene.

August 6, 2017