Essential Google Analytics Strategies to Know the Success of SEO

Essential Google Analytics Strategies to Know the Success of SEO

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important techniques used by the businesses to make their websites visible to the online audience. The key to success in SEO is measurement, the measurement of the traffic gathered by the website, the keyword rankings, search engine rankings, and various others.

No doubt among all of these keywords rankings is a great measure of the SEO, but depending solely on keywords doesn’t provide a full picture of your complete SEO process. This is why it’s recommended that you go beyond the keywords so that you can actually see how good your SEO processes are and do they have the impact that you wish for.

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There are many tools that can help you measure your SEO processes and one of the best and most used free seo tools is the Google Analytics. This tool provides you analytic data of your website’s online performance and also enables you to check all the metrics that are the part of SEO. This tool can be one of the best ways to measure the success of your SEO practices.

If you’re wondering how can it be useful? Here are some ways that you can use Google Analytics to know the success of your SEO efforts:

View your organic search traffic

This is probably the most used feature of the Google Analytics tool. Many people and businesses tend to think that whenever there is a decline in the online traffic of the website, it’s because of the decline in the organic search traffic. However, if you dig a little deeper you can actually find the main reason for the decline of the traffic, which could also be due to the decline of other traffic sources rather than the decline in organic search traffic.

Google Analytics help you get the measurement of all the modes of traffic that your website generates. This can help you know the exact reason behind the overall online traffic decline. It can also help you determine top landing pages for search traffic and also the keywords that drive the online traffic.

Measure the quality of your website’s online traffic

Google Analytics is one of the best free seo tools that could help you in measuring the quality of the traffic that your website receives not just the search traffic. You can look for the assisted conversions report in the tool, which will provide you the month-to-month comparison or conversions directlyfrom the search. You can use these reports to know if there’s a decline in the online traffic and work on improving the search traffic.

Identifying slow loading page times

The need of optimizing the page load times is perhaps the most overlooked part of SEO. The slow loading pages affect the overall user experience and also affect the search rankings of your website. This is why most of the SEO experts recommend that you apart from focusing on the keywords and other stuff, you should also keep a close watch on the loading speeds of your web pages.

You can measure the page load times of your website through Google Analytics, which will give you an accurate idea of the loading time of your website. If you find it slow, you should take immediate action to make it faster.

July 15, 2017