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Home Remedies for curing sunburn

A sunburn occurs when skin is burned by exposure to the sun or other ultraviolet light. Sunburn is better prevented than treated. Sunburn results from too much sun or sun-equivalent exposure. It is a burn from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The consequence of this burn is inflammation of the skin.

The long-term consequences of years of overexposure to the sun are significant. One blistering sunburn doubles the likelihood of developing malignant melanoma. Chronic sun exposure causes premature wrinkling and aging of the skin.

Sunburn Symptoms

  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Nausea or vomiting or both
  • Flulike symptoms
  • Blistering - May range from a very fine blister that is only found when you begin to "peel" to very large water-filled blisters with red, tender, raw skin underneath

Home Remedies

Avoid lotions that contain topical anesthetic medications because you can become sensitized and then allergic to that medicine.

Make a paste of Barley, turmeric and yogurt in equal proportions. Apply it over the area of sunburns for sunburn relief.

Sunscreen should be generously applied. If out in the sun for a prolonged period of time during the day, wearing a hat and other protective clothing is recommended. Light clothing reflects the sun most effectively.

If the sunburn is not localized to one area, you may want to soak in the tub instead. First, clean the tub with hydrogen peroxide or a small amount of bleach and be sure to rinse the tub thoroughly. For this bath you will need tons of tea bags. Brew the tea with boiling water until it is very strong, and you can cool this down with half cold water. You should not get in until the water is no longer warm, and be sure to get out when the tea water gets too cold. You will need to either lie down in the tub or have the tub filled high enough to cover all the sunburned areas.

Apply cold aloe vera gel, apple cider vinegar, or plantain to help heal sunburn.

Another effective remedy for sunburn. Dip some gauze into milk and apply it to your sunburned skin. The tannic acid in the tea draws the burn out of the skin and heals it. After just one application, most sunburns are no longer painful and are much less red. However, this treatment will act on the pain but may not prevent peeling.

Coconut oil is very gentle for skin. Massage whole body with coconut oil before going out in sun. It hepls in sunburn prevention.

Milk is also a good food remedy for sun burns. To get relief apply on affected area using a cloth.

Appling ice to the burned area is beneficial.

Using cold tea bags will remove tanning from the sunburns.

Sliced small pieces of raw cucumber or potato and applying to affected area will reduce redness and inflammation caused by sunburn. Application of sandal wood paste also provide relief from the burning sensation.

Mix wheat flour, milk, olive oil, or barley flour, honey, and raw egg white paste to make a mixture. Use this mixture for treating sunburn. It will be prove best home remedy for sunburn skin. Taking a bath of tide laundry detergent will provide relief from sunburn blisters.

Take 2 tomatoes puree, cucumber puree and Mix with lemon juice. Apply this paste all over the suntanned and sunburnt skin. Let it dry. Dab the puree again. Repeat 3 times and let it dry thoroughly, then rinse off. Use this treatment for a week and see the difference. It not only helps to soothe the burnt area, it adds a glow to the skin too.

Boil and mash some cabbage leaves. Apply the pulp all over the tanned and sunburnt areas. Leave on for 15 minutes before washing off with cold water. Repeat this sunburn treatment at least for a week. This remedy acts as a protective and soothing balm. Use whenever you have been exposed to the hot sun.

Rub GREEN GOURD all over the affected areas. Repeat 3-4 times. Helps in curing sunburn and soothes skin.

ALOE VERA is a natural and soothing treatment option for sunburn and tan. Just pluck a few leaves of the plant, mash them and mix with lemon juice. Apply all over the affected areas. It cleanses, clears and nourishes the skin.

Honey and lime juice is also used in treating sunburn. Mix 2 spoons of honey with lemon juice and apply over the sunburned or tanned skin areas. Helps to lighten and soothe the skin.


Take 3 tablespoons of milk and add to it one tablespoon of turmeric powder. Apply all over the face or affected areas. Leave it to dry. Rub in circular motions and then rinse off. It not only helps to remove tan it also helps remove fine facial hair.

have a facial massage once a month all over your face. it will reduce aging and wrinkles.


Skin Tan and Sunburn Advice

I am 18 yrs old.  i have a dark shade skin and gets really tanned when just steps out into the sun. Also gets terribly oily skin. No other problems with my skin. i have tried out various remedies for sunburn which did not work.........? Submitted by Alina

If you do have a really bad sun burn try all natural lotions I also found a good home remedy for you -

Take a few vitimin pills (c, d and a) and grind up as many as needed into some cod liver oil (make into a past) put in about 1/4 of its mass in vasalien (with vitimin e and aloe). Aadd any typ of all natural lotion that had green tea in it and apply to burnt areas....put on before you take a shower (it will smell rancidly of fish) unless you want to add some type of really REALLY strong perfume to it....but i wouldnt risk it...leave on for as long as posible before showering wash ad thurowly as posible (to get fish smell off) and apply the green tea lotion to sunburnt areas (or every where...its great for your skin) and if you have any newer scares apply a very thin layor of cod liver oil to it with a q-tip (it will make the scare heal more efectivly making them a lot less noticible in the future) and if the sunburn is not too bad (to the point of blistering) then apply rubbing aaucihol to will cool it off...but what ever you do do not apply to any even close to open areas.

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