The GDAX Revolution

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It is on top!

The crypto currency has become very common these days and is taken as a medium of exchange among people within a group. Though these can be centralized or decentralized according to the situation, it has not reached the point that its makers have wanted it to. Ever since it all began as bitcoin in 2008, the currency has gone through several stages in the digital currency platform. The gdax has become the top of all these digital currency transactions and with zero percentage of the gdax fees the currency has become quite the go to coin lately.

Salient features:

As far as the digital currency is concerned, there are several arguments for and against it throughout the whole world such as the reliability and distribution of it and other aspects. But the currency is here to stay as long as there are takers for it even though it is restricted to a few members across the globe.

It varies:

Even though the demand for the coins is increasing the fee for the same is not the same everywhere. It might differ from no fee at all to a particular percentage depending on the factors that are at play at that point.

It is growing:

There are many new entrants to the users list of the crypto currency even since it was initiated and what with new coins coming in the gdax fee seems to be still varying so far.

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January 15, 2020