How to choose a perfect cruise – 6 tips to get it

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In recent years there has been tremendous growth in the supply of cruises. The shipping companies continue to open new ships, new scales and ports are incorporated, and endless options for each cruise to find your perfect cruise according to your travel style and personal circumstances.

How many days do I have?

To define the singapore cruise day trip   you should start by analyzing how many days of vacation I have. Thus we can choose the range of cruise days adding the days of flight or transfer to the destination. (It is advisable to add one more day to the departure if jetlag is expected at the port of departure).

 As for hotels, we must talk about overnight stays. The current offer of cruises available ranges from 3 nights ( mini cruises ) to more than 3 months (around the world). The standard cruise would be between 7 and 10 nights. This will also depend on the geographical area we want to visit. For example, for the Mediterranean and Alaska, it would be easier to find the 7-night cruises.

Geographical area/itinerary

The second point to keep in mind is what we want to see or visit. In recent years the offer allows you to cruise the 7 seas and there is almost no corner in the world that cannot be visited while cruising. Even cruises facilitate excursions called “overland” that allow visiting countries or places far from the coast.

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May 10, 2019